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How to Properly Charge LiFePO4 Battery?

There are still some different cautions on charge.

For example, how to check if the existing lead-acid battery charger is usable? What is the most appropriate charge voltage and float voltage? How much energy do I need to keep inside the battery, and what is the best discharge end voltage? Especially in parallel, it is also important to avoid the BAD connection.

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China Leisure Battery Guide

What is Leisure Battery? Leisure Battery is used in your RV (Recreation Vehicle), including caravan, motorhome, camper car, or even on your yacht, boat, ship. In your RV, leisure battery

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Solid-State Battery

What is Solid-State Battery? For easier understanding, the present Li-ion batteries use a separator and liquid electrolytes as the way to exchange lithium ions between the positive and negative electrodes.

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BMS of LiFePO4 Battery

For all lithium-ion batteries, BMS is a must-have, why? Li-ion battery is sensitive to high voltage, low voltage, and high current. It will lead to crystallization inside the battery, then

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Advantages of AGM battery

AGM batteries are named after the AGM material used as the separator. It is also called SLA batteries or VRLA batteries, SLA refers to sealed lead-acid batteries, and VRLA refers

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How To Charge AGM Battery

AGM battery, also known as VRLA battery, is a sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery with AGM material as the separator. There are mainly three types. One is used as a starter

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