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Advantages of AGM battery

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AGM batteries are named after the AGM material used as the separator. It is also called SLA batteries or VRLA batteries, SLA refers to sealed lead-acid batteries, and VRLA refers to valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. Both names are derived from the characteristics of sealed or valve-regulated.

Maintenance free

Open batteries produce gas and leak into the air during the charging process, while the electrolyte moisture decreases. So acid needs to be added regularly. With the sealed valve-regulated design of AGM batteries, the gas produced by internal water decomposition can be recombined back into the electrolyte during the discharge process, without the need to refill the electrolyte regularly. This makes it safe and reduces the labor cost required for maintenance.

No leakage

The internal electrolyte is absorbed by the AGM separator, so even if the battery case is broken, the electrolyte will not leak out easily. Of course, a broken battery is still unsafe, and if something outside enters, it may lead to short circuit.

Low risk of internal short circuit

Due to the extremely small voids of AGM material, good anti-puncture performance, small particles generated by the aging of the battery plates is very difficult to get through, eliminating the risk of internal short circuit.

High output current

AGM separators have many pores that are filled with electrolyte, resulting in a maximum contact area between the plates and the electrolyte, which can generate a high instant current. AGM battery has a minimum internal resistance, which allows them to provide sufficient power pulses when necessary, such as when the battery needs to start an engine. Due to this feature, AGM batteries respond to loads better than any other battery on the market.

Excellent deep cycle performance

The mature technology of lead-calcium alloy electrode plate has good deep cycle discharge performance. The surface of the electrode plate is not easy to peel off, not easy to sulfate crystallization, thus ensuring a longer cycle life.

Deep Cycle Batteries are popular in off-grid solar system.

Stable and safe

During the charging and discharging process, the AGM battery works stably and no harmful gas escapes.

Easy installation

Only simple installation tools are required, and not much space required.

A Battery Rack

Price Advantage

Among the various types of batteries, the deep cycle AGM battery is a good choice considering the performance and price.

SYNERTAC Deep Cycle Battery has been continuously improved and upgraded over decades, has its own technology advantages and patents on electrode plates and AGM materials. For more information, please click here.

Different types of AGM batteries

SYNERTAC’s AGM batteries include many types for different applications, for details click the link below.

Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Super Cycle AGM Battery

VRLA GFM Battery

2V Industrial Battery

2V GFMJ Battery

Front Terminal Battery

For more information about AGM battery, please visit our blog.

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