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Residential Powerwall

More Energy, Up to 8% Capacity

More Cycles, Over 6,000 Times

More Options, 5120Wh, 10240Wh, and More...

Residential Powerwall

Residential Series - Wall Mounted 5kWh

Tutorial Guides

Function Panel Introduction

This is a video to introduce the function panel of wall mounted 5kWh model, including the indicator lights, the communication ports, and the terminals.

Installation & In Parallel

The installation is like a simple battery, with positive and negative cable connections. Only one extra cable, the communication cable. 3 cables, and done!

Residential ES BOX 7.5kWh / 15kWh

Integrated with Inverter & MPPT Charge Controller

Residential Series - ES BOX 7.5kWh/15kWh

Residential Series Home Solar Battery

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