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MonoBlock LiFePO4 Battery 12/24/48V

LiFePO4 is more chemically stable, and it is incombustible, which means that it is not prone to thermal runaway, remains cool at room temperature. It can also withstand high temperatures without decomposing, and it is not flammable.

Sunon 12V LFP Battery is designed as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. Same battery size, same terminals, similar voltage, there is no need to replace any other device even the cables. The lead-acid battery system can be easily upgraded into lithium batteries.

SYNERTAC is a registered trademark of Sunon Battery.


  • Leisure Battery for your RV, Caravan, and Motorhome
  • Marine Deep Cycle Battery, for trolling motors, navigational devices on boats (when the main motor is inactive)
  • Solar and Renewable Industry
  • Telecom Base Stations
  • UPS and Backup Power
  • CCTV & Security System
  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Power Supply for devices at remote sites
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Electric Scooters

Models in 12V LFP Series

Model No. Size(mm) Weight(kgs)
LFP 12V7Ah 151*65*95 0.9
LFP 12V9Ah 151*65*95 1
LFP 12V12Ah 151*98*95 1.9
LFP 12V20Ah 181*77*168 2.6
LFP 12V33Ah 166*175*125 4.2
LFP 12V40Ah 197*165*170 5.4
LFP 12V50Ah 257*132*200 7
LFP 12V55Ah 257*132*200 7.4
LFP 12V60Ah 260*170*210 8.4
LFP 12V75Ah 260*170*220 11
LFP 12V100Ah 330*170*230 15
LFP 12V150Ah 480*170*240 19
LFP 12V200Ah 520*270*220 25
LFP 12V300Ah 520*270*220 39
LFP 24V100Ah 520*270*220 25
LFP 24V200Ah 520*270*220 53.5

* All sizes can be redesigned according to your requirement.

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Features and Benifits

LONGER cycle life

The premium prismatic LFP cells offer a super long cycle life of over 4000 cycles and exceptional discharge performance. It means it can be working for over 10 years even if one cycle per day.

LIGHTER weight

Sunon LFP battery is lower than half the weight of common lead-acid batteries at the same capacity, so you can carry them easily for installation.

HIGHER power

Sunon LFP battery delivers twice the power of common lead-acid batteries, especially at a high discharge rate.

Always the discharge current for lead-acid battery or AGM battery is 0.1C, but it can be 0.5C for Sunon LFP battery.


With the latest LFP technology, Sunon LFP battery eliminate the risk of leakage or explosion from multiple causes.

Meantime, the integrated smart battery management system (BMS) protects the LiFePO4 battery from various abnormal conditions.

WIDER temperature range

-20°C-60°C. Excellent working performance while at cold and hot environments.

Winter or summer, there is no need to worry about battery damage.

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We Would Love to Work With You!

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Small Quantity, OEM & ODM services are fully supported, please leave a message below.