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Daily 5kWh Consumption Solar System

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In my knowledge, a 5kWh off-grid solar system is enough for most small households to meet their basic electricity needs. And even if you have a much larger power usage, the answer is very simple, double it!

In this post, I will mainly introduce the basic configuration of a solar system with 5 kWh consumption per day.

1.    Solar Panel

2kW Solar Panel, it can be 6 panels of 300W, or 6 panels of 350W, this is an approximate number, to achieve a fully charged battery in about 3 hours.

In many areas where there is enough sunlight that the effective sunlight can reach 5 hours or more, you can also reduce the number of panels or power, but please note that with less sunlight it may not be fully charged.

The specific requirements depend on your local sunlight conditions (how many hours of effective sunlight per day), and the possibility of rainy days ( or the chance of continuous rainy days).

Renogy 300W Solar Panels

2.    Charge Controller

12/24V charge controller, can stabilize the current generated by the solar panel.

It is not recommended to charge the battery directly by the solar panel, because if the voltage is unstable, it will be a great bad influence on the battery life.

Renogy Charge Controller

3.    Inverter

For a 1000W inverter, it is recommended to use an off-grid inverter if the solar system is completely isolated. If it is supported to be connected to the grid, and Feed-In Tariff is available, you can consider a Hybrid inverter.

Renogy Inverters

4.    Battery System

Option 1: Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12V200Ah *4 to make 12V800Ah or 24V400Ah, suggested depth of discharge 50% DOD.

If there is a rainy day without any electricity generated, the remaining 50% of the battery capacity can be used, not recommended to use it often.

Renogy 12V200Ah AGM Battery

Option 2: Drop-in Replacement LiFePO4 battery 12V100Ah*4

BattleBorn 12V100Ah LFP

Option 3: Home Solar Battery 5kWh

SYNERTAC PowerWall 5.0

5.    Cables

Always use pure copper cables!

There are various cables on the market today, some of which are copper-clad aluminum, which may be less expensive, but are highly not recommended.

Bad quality cables are not only insufficient to withstand the current, unable to achieve the expected performance, but also, in the inter-connections, such as solar panel plugs, battery terminals, inverter terminals, etc., because the material is not even, likely to lead to deformation, and then easy to produce cracks or even sparks!

Hi, I’m Andy. Since the year 2015, I’ve been working in SunOn Battery, a manufacturer in China that makes various batteries for 15 years now. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to batteries and energy storage solutions from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Friend
    Please tell us about how to charge your battery by AC grid. Can your product charge two or three time within day? Time of charging? Do they have damage for your battery.
    We would like to storage electricity power in lowest time range to use in peal time range.
    Please consult to us more this case? And how to design baterries bank for the customers ‘ factory efficiently

    1. Hi Nguyen,
      For the battery bank you described, or ESS (Energy Storage System) as we called, multiple times charge & discharge in one day is allowed.
      In this condition, cycle life will be really important, that’s why I would recommend LiFePO4 batteries, and the modular type is even better!

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