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Batteries for Solar and Renewable Industry

Solar Battery

Solar battery is a type of battery used in solar energy systems to store energy. Due to the deep charging and discharging behavior of solar and other renewable energy systems, solar battery must have excellent deep cycle ability.
Sunon Solar Battery includes Residential Powerwall, Stackable Cubes, ES BOX, MonoBlock LiFePO4 batteries, deep cycle AGM batteries, 48V Modular LiFePO4 batteries, Gel batteries, 2V Industrial batteries, OPzS batteries, and OPzV batteries, providing the most suited batteries for different applications and demands!

For Residential

12V, 24V, 48V batteries are ideal for home solar systems, the following batteries are safe, cost-effective and have a longer cycle life.

Commercial & Industrial

For industrial projects, solar battery banks are usually large energy storage systems. For example, 110V, 220V, 380V or higher voltage, 1000Ah, 2000Ah, 5000Ah, or higher capacities. Sometimes the capacity of a battery bank is measured in MWh.

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