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Deep Cycle AGM Battery


Deep Cycle AGM Battery is a deep cycle type of VRLA battery with AGM technology.

It is maintenance-free, it is safe. It has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications such as for inverters and other devices.

SYNERTAC is a registered trademark of Sunon Battery.


  • Leisure Battery for your RV, Caravan, and Motorhome
  • Marine Deep Cycle Battery, for trolling motors, navigational devices on boats (when the main motor is inactive)
  • Solar and Renewable Industry
  • Telecom Base Stations
  • UPS and Backup Power
  • CCTV & Security System
  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Power Supply for devices at remote sites
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Electric Scooters

Regular Battery Models within Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Model No.Size (mm)Weight (KG)
DC 12V24Ah175*166*1257.3
DC 12V33Ah196*131*17011
DC 12V35Ah196*131*17011.5
DC 12V38Ah196*165*17012.8
DC 12V40Ah196*165*17013.5
DC 12V55Ah230*137*21517.5
DC 12V65Ah350*166*17520.8
DC 12V70Ah260*168*21721.8
DC 12V75Ah260*168*21722
DC 12V100Ah330*172*23029
DC 12V120Ah407*175*23335
DC 12V150Ah480*170*24043
DC 12V180Ah522*238*25055
DC 12V200Ah522*238*25060
DC 12V230Ah521*269*20663.5
DC 12V250Ah522*255*25070

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What’s special about Sunon Deep Cycle AGM Battery?

More Assurance

Patented AGM separators are added with a few stable thermoplastic fibers to greatly improve tensile and puncture strength, 300% increased the puncture resistance, prevent the possible short-circuit between the plates.

It significantly reduced the possibility of battery defects.

More Capacity

With advanced positive and negative plate formula, Sunon Deep Cycle AGM battery provides 10% more capacity.

More Current

Besides, 94% porosity for maximum acid storage, leading to much better continuous charge and discharge ability.

The charge time will be shorter, and higher current for high-power appliances.


VRLA technology save you from acid leakage and maintenance.


Built tough with a leak-proof design, and flame retardant ABS, Sunon Deep Cycle AGM batteries make sure a safe working condition of an electricity-related product.

√ Competitive Price due to Organized Bulk Production.

√ Different Colors Supported for Your Outstanding Brand Image.

√ Strict Quality Control to Avoid Any Quality Issue.

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