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China Leisure Battery Guide

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What is Leisure Battery?

Leisure Battery is used in your RV (Recreation Vehicle), including caravan, motorhome, camper car, or even on your yacht, boat, ship.

In your RV, leisure battery is the power source for 12V appliances. Such as TV, cell phone charging, lights, fans, mini-fridges, or DC air conditioners. You can make your life on the vehicle or yacht comfortable and feel as convenient as at home for all your electricity needs.

In your ship, other than the appliances mentioned above, a deep cycle leisure battery is also the right choice for your audios, windlass, and also good for electric trolling motors, depth finders, fish locators, and other power appliances.

If you already have a good understanding of your requirements, you can visit our Caravan Battery link directly to find the right battery model.

How to choose your Leisure Battery?

Daily Electricity Consumption

5kWh of electricity is considered sufficient for daily use in most cases without air-conditioning.

The popular 12V100Ah battery, deep cycle AGM battery, is enough for phone charging and lighting.

It contains 1.2kWh of total energy, and for better service life, it is recommended that the depth of the discharge not exceed 50%.

If you want to use your TV, fan, or mini-fridge regularly, we recommend a plan with more than 2 kWh.

If you are not very sure about your electricity consumption, you can use the following list for a simple calculation (the following powers are only for reference, the specific power should be based on your actual appliances, please check your manuals):

LED Lightings 10W per

Cell phone charging 20Wh per charge

DC TV 100W

DC Fan 50W

Small Refrigerator 10W/200L according to your volume

DC air conditioners consume about 500W continuously, depending on actual conditions, such as ambient temperature, and your target temperature.

Battery Compartment Size

Most RVs and yachts are equipped with a battery compartment for battery storage. It is isolated and waterproof, to avoid accidental short circuits.

Then the size of the battery compartment is directly related to the size and volume of the battery that can be held, and if you want to have a larger battery energy reserve, you may also need to calculate the size of the battery to get the maximum battery capacity.

Usage Frequency

If you do not use it very often, then the Deep Cycle AGM Battery is the most cost-effective option for you. Because it is maintenance-free and has a good cycle life, if you only use it a few times a week, it can stay with you for more than 5 years.

If the usage frequency is high, once a day or even higher several times a day, it is recommended to use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have a super-strong cycle life.  They are lighter and smaller. With the expected lifetime of 10 years or more, no need to replace, and much smaller battery decay, after 4000 cycles you will still have 80% of the remaining capacity.

It must be indicated that if your ambient temperature is under 0℃, and the conventional lithium iron phosphate batteries are not suitable for charging below 0 degrees. It is recommended to choose self-heating batteries, a type of low-temperature battery.

This type of battery is integrated with smart BMS, detecting the temperature below 0℃. It will be heated to above 0℃, eliminating the risk of lithium crystallization. This battery is designed for the working temperature from -20℃ to 0℃.

Expected Lifetime

If you really don’t like to replace them and don’t like to waste time, then a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is the best choice. Otherwise, if you don’t mind replacement and want to spend less money, then the Deep Cycle AGM Battery is the best choice.

Whether Maintenance is Required

The two types of batteries recommended in this post basically do not require maintenance.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, because the BMS has done a better job of protection, such as over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, cell equalization, is more secured.

How to buy?

Local Stores

Amazon & other web stores

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Hi, I’m Andy. Since the year 2015, I’ve been working in SunOn Battery, a manufacturer in China that makes various batteries for 15 years now. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to batteries and energy storage solutions from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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