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Deep Cycle Battey 101: What is deep cycle battery? Where to use? How to use?

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What is deep cycle battery?

Deep Cycle battery is a kind of battery that focused on deep discharge and charge performance.

In the traditional concept, it usually refers to lead-acid batteries with thicker plates, which are more suitable for deep discharge cycling. It includes Deep Cycle AGM Battery, Gel Battery, FLA, OPzS, and OPzV battery.

With the development of Li-ion battery technology, especially LiFePO4 technology, the meaning of deep cycle battery extended. Due to its safety and super long cycle life, LFP battery is more suitable for deep cycle applications.

For more information, please refer to Wikipedia:

Wikipedia Deep Cycle Battery

Difference between deep cycle battery and starting battery

There are mainly 3 types for VRLA batteries.

One type is always used for energy storage and works mostly in deep discharge and recharge. It is the deep cycle battery we are talking about. This type of battery is focused on deep cycle use. As the active material on the plates will shed during charging and discharging, the plates are designed to be much thicker than other types for better cycle life.

Another type of battery is used as a starting battery, and the primary working model is instant high current. Therefore, these batteries usually have thin plates, so that the contact area between the plates and the electrolyte can be larger and generate higher instant currents.

Staring Battery & Deep Cycle Battery

The 3rd type is used as a motive power, long time high current discharge.

As a result, the cycle life of the starting battery is not good. It is not recommended to use in deep cycle applications. Meanwhile, the instant high current of a deep cycle battery is also lower than a starting battery.

Dual Purpose Battery

Dual-purpose battery is always not recommended, because its deep cycle performance and instant high current are under deep cycle battery or starting battery.

In cases of limited space or low frequency of use, dual-purpose battery could be a good choice.

Where to Use?

Leisure Battery for your RV, Caravan, and Motorhome

Caravan needs deep cycle battery while the engine is off.

Marine Deep Cycle Battery, for trolling motors, navigational devices on boats (when the main motor is inactive)

Solar and Renewable Industry

Telecom Base Stations

UPS and Backup Power

CCTV & Security System

Electric Golf Carts

Electric Wheelchairs

Power Supply for devices at remote sites

Recreational vehicles

Electric Scooters

Major Types in Lead and Lithium

FLA (Flooded Lead Acid Battery)

Cost-effective, long cycle life. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of maintenance.

VRLA | Deep Cycle AGM & Gel

Deep Cycle AGM Battery is a deep cycle type of VRLA battery with AGM technology.

It is maintenance-free, it is safe. It has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications such as for inverters and other devices.

What’s special about SYNERTAC Deep Cycle AGM Battery?

More Assurance

Patented AGM separators are added with a few stable thermoplastic fibers to greatly improve tensile and puncture strength, 300% increased the puncture resistance, prevent the possible short-circuit between the plates.

It significantly reduced the possibility of battery defects.

More Capacity

With advanced positive and negative plate formula, SYNERTAC Deep Cycle AGM battery provides 10% more capacity.

SYNERTAC Deep Cycle Battery 12V250Ah
More Current

Besides, 94% porosity for maximum acid storage, leading to much better continuous charge and discharge ability.

The charge time will be shorter, and higher current for high-power appliances.


VRLA technology save you from acid leakage and maintenance.


Built tough with a leak-proof design, and flame retardant ABS, SYNERTAC Deep Cycle AGM batteries make sure a safe working condition of an electricity-related product.

 Li-ion | Deep Cycle LFP

LiFePO4 is more chemically stable, and it is incombustible, which means that it is not prone to thermal runaway, remains cool at room temperature. It can also withstand high temperatures without decomposing, and it is not flammable.

SYNERTAC 12V LFP Battery is designed as a replacement for lead-acid batteries. Same battery size, same terminals, similar voltage, there is no need to replace any other device even the cables. The lead-acid battery system can be easily upgraded into lithium batteries.

Features and Benefits:

LONGER cycle life

The premium prismatic LFP cells offer a super long cycle life of over 4000 cycles and exceptional discharge performance. It means it can be working for over 10 years even if one cycle per day.

LIGHTER weight

SYNERTAC LFP battery is lower than half the weight of common lead-acid batteries at the same capacity, so you can carry them easily for installation.

HIGHER power

SYNERTAC LFP battery delivers twice the power of common lead-acid batteries, especially at a high discharge rate.

Always the discharge current for lead-acid battery or AGM battery is 0.1C, but it can be 0.5C for SYNERTAC LFP battery.


With the latest LFP technology, SYNERTAC LFP battery eliminate the risk of leakage or explosion from multiple causes.

Meantime, the integrated smart battery management system (BMS) protects the LiFePO4 battery from various abnormal conditions.

WIDER temperature range

-20°C-60°C. Excellent working performance while at cold and hot environments.

Winter or summer, there is no need to worry about battery damage.

SYNERTAC Deep Cycle LFP Battery 12V100Ah

Nearly no maintenance is required, and the cycle life is extremely long. It can work for more than 10 years.

You can take a look at our deep cycle battery page and choose the type you need.

How to Use?

The end voltage of an AGM battery is critical, because it affects whether the battery is over-discharged.

Over-discharge will harm the battery, even worse, it can kill the battery.

About AGM battery voltage, please check below the post:

AGM Battery: Voltage and SOC/Capacity

And below the post explained the process of AGM battery charge and how to charge:

How To Charge AGM Battery

For LFP battery, please take reference from below the full guides:

Full Guides of LFP (LiFePO4) Battery

and also the battery voltage

The Relationship between Voltage and Capacity of LFP Battery

How to Choose your battery?

For your RV, caravan, marine, boats, if it’s not used very often, Deep Cycle AGM Battery could be chosen for better cost-efficiency.

For your home solar system, since it is mostly one cycle per day, long time use, LFP battery is recommended. LFP battery can be working for 10 years or more time without replacement, saving the labor cost of maintenance.

Compared to the system capacity, if the constant power is not high, not more than 10% of the total capacity, you can choose Deep Cycle AGM Battery.

For example, 48V1000Ah system, the maximum constant power is about 4800W.

If the constant power is more than 30% of the number of system capacity, LFP battery is recommended.

If the battery system is located far from the grid, LFP battery is recommended for zero maintenance and it is more stable.

If it is required to work below 0℃, Deep Cycle AGM Battery is recommended. Low-temperature lithium battery is also an option.

If you are still not sure what kind of deep cycle battery should you choose, Contact us!

Hi, I’m Andy. Since the year 2015, I’ve been working in SunOn Battery, a manufacturer in China that makes various batteries for 15 years now. The purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to batteries and energy storage solutions from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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