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Deep Cycle Battery

Sunon Deep Cycle Battery

Deep Cycle Battery is a kind of battery that is more focused on deep cycle ability. The applications include caravan, motorhome, marine, boats, solar, wind, renewable industry, telecom base stations, UPS, CCTV & security, and other energy storage systems.
Sunon Deep Cycle Battery includes both lithium and lead-acid batteries(VRLA battery), including deep cycle 12V LFP batteries, deep cycle AGM batteries, 48V Modular LFP batteries, Gel batteries, 2V Industrial batteries, OPzS batteries, and OPzV batteries, to fulfill various needs of different markets and different applications.

For Mini & Small Energy Storage Battery Banks

12V, 24V, 48V batteries are ideal for your caravan, motorhome, marine, boats, small off-grid residential home solar system, backup power supply, etc.

The following batteries are safe, cost-effective, and have a much longer cycle life.

For Large Energy Storage Power Systems

For industrial projects, battery banks are always large. For example, 110V, 220V, 380V or higher voltage, 1000Ah, 2000Ah, 5000Ah, or higher capacities. Sometimes the capacity of a battery bank is measured in MWh.

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